Thanks to some wonderful people, who worked for us with all their engagement:

Hannes schweiger
Bjrn Wnschirs

Antje Bongartz, who spent a long time with the design of this Homepage and promotion. She is also responsible for the layout of our CD`s and was very patient with the great ideas from the bandleader Reinhard Krammer.

Hannes Schweiger, who gave his skill and his heart for the mastermix of
The Blue Mountain Project and for the soundmanagement on tour

Bjrn Wnschirs, specialist for photospots and cameraflights in the wonderful landscape of the bavarian mountains...signs for the visuell impressions for “Drifting Away”

Denis Widmann

Denis WIdmann, The Designer...signed for the cut and postproduction of the Video “Drifting Away”

Gerhard franz

Gerhard Franz, Bass + Vocals

christof haubs

Christof Haubs, drums

andreas kneifel

Andreas Kneifel, vocals and our man for light- and showeffects during the gigs

Ben giessler

Mr. Ben Giessler, vocals and making wonderful expressive pictures of R.K.

Guenther Pfannkuch, thanks for his experience in making videoclips and pictures - he signed in the past for the clips to the songs “Don`t forget to talk” and “Motorbike” and for some of the photos, which make this site handsome