...for the Future of Blues

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Concert Gut Hub

ABC (96)
Konzert Gut Hub 053
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Shooting for the Videoclips


Because of a long desease
Willy Leimgruber (drums, vocal)
will take a break

ABC (79)

as guest: Karl Wilhelm

All musicians who took part recording “The Blue Mountain Project Vol.1”

Andi Guggenbichler
- the multivoice
(vocals, guitar, bass, keyboard)

Toni Münch
 - the beast

Claus Zöllner
- the cowboy

Hannes Schweiger
 - the rythm
(percussion, drums)

Susanne Bendl
- the Lady

Flo Bendl
- the youngster
(sax, vocals)

Ben Giessler
 - the handsome

Wolfgang Heinisch
- the smart one

Dominik Knebl
- the diver
(guitar, vocals, bass)

Photos: S. Bendl, F. Bendl, W. Heinisch: Günther Pfannkuch; others: private

Left to right: Andi Guggenbichler, Wolfgang Heinisch, Reinhard Krammer, Hannes Schweiger, Toni Münch, Claus Zöllner, Susanne Bendl....Row below: Dominik Knebl und Flo Bendl...Absents: Ben Giessler und Andi Kritzinger
Photo: Günther Pfannkuch